TC88 Plug-In Ignition Module for 1999-2003 Carbureted Twin-Cam 88 Engines

Wide timing advance adjustment range accommodates stock to highly modified engines

Digitally set RPM limit (100 RPM steps)

Selectable multi-spark mode for quick starting and smooth cruise

Coil outputs protected against short circuits

Optional USB interface and software for programming custom advance curve

Billet aluminum housing with black anodized finish

Easy plug-in installation

Supports all sensors including theft/security module

Visit our Tech FAQ for more detailed information about using our ignition systems in performance applications!



New USB Interface

Part Number 18014

Interfaces all Daytona Twin Tec engine controls (ignition and fuel injection systems) to USB port on laptop PC

Includes all required adapters for Models 1005-1007, TC88, and TC88A ignitions, and TCFI/VRFI fuel injection systems


High Output Coil for Twin- Cam 88

Part Number 2008

Fits most 1999 and later carbureted models - same size as stock coil P/N 31655-99 (will not fit in place of P/N 31639-99) 

Greater than 50 mJ and 40,000V output for demanding performance applications

Compare to Screamin' Eagle coil P/N 31704-99 - same size and electrical specs at a substantially lower price!


Universal Spark Plug Wire Set

Part Number 3002

Universal set for all Twin-Cam 88  applications with 90 spark plug boots and straight coil boots 

7.0 mm black silicone insulation with ultra low resistance 500 ohm/ft spiral core correctly fits special Twin-Cam 88 coil terminals (most competitors force fit incorrect 8.0 mm wire - we use the right wire size) 


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All products covered by our 3 year limited warranty.


Part Number

Description Suggested Retail
1008-EX TC88 EX Plug-in Ignition  (with ARB E.O. No. D-641-1 for 1999-2003 carbureted Twin-Cam 88) $322.00

1008 TC88 Race Plug-in Ignition  (for 1999-2003 carbureted Twin-Cam 88). Not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles. Not for sale in California. $322.00

1008-T TC88T Plug-in Ignition  (for 1999-2003 carbureted Twin-Cam 88. Special version with stage RPM limiter for drag racing. Note: requires USB-INTF for programming). Not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles. Not for sale in California. $322.00

18014 USB Interface (provides USB connectivity for all Twin Tec engine controls. Includes 6 foot USB cable and Windows XP/Vista/7/8 drivers on CDROM). Not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles. Not for sale in California. $79.95


18805 TC88 Power Adapter (12 volt power supply for bench top programming. 110-240 VAC multi-plug international compatibility) $110.00

2008 High Output Coil  (for most 1999 and later carbureted Twin-Cam 88 applications) $101.00

3002 Universal Spark Plug Wire Set  (7.0 mm black silicone with 500 ohm/ft spiral core. For Twin-Cam 88 applications with 90 spark plug boots and straight coil boots) $22.00


Super Deal!

TC88 EX Ignition Kit (includes TC88 EX ignition, P/N 2008 coil, and P/N 3002 wire set. With ARB E.O. No. D-641-1 for 1999-2003 carbureted Twin-Cam 88) $425.00


The TC88 provides coverage for all 1999-2003 carbureted Twin Cam 88 engines. The 50 states street legal TC88 EX version features advance curves suitable for all street applications including high compression engines. The TC88 Race version includes race advance curves with a slightly wider adjustment range. The TC88 is constructed with a low profile machined billet aluminum housing. The TC88 offers easy plug-in installation and all the switches are accessible from the top - a significant advantage for most installations.

Five rotary switches are used to set the operating modes, adjust the initial timing and timing advance, and select the RPM limit. Since the new Twin Cam 88 engine uses a non-adjustable crankshaft position sensor, mechanical timing adjustments are no longer possible. The TC88 solves this problem with a switch for setting the initial timing. A second switch sets the slope of the advance curve. The combination of these two switches allows the user to optimize the timing advance for a wide range of applications - from stock to highly modified engines. For details, including advance curves, you can download the installation instructions from our website.

H-D motorcycles with the Twin Cam 88 engine have a check engine warning LED on the instrument cluster. The TC88 communicates basic diagnostic information by blinking codes on the check engine LED. This eliminates the need for an expensive scan tool. Typical diagnostic codes include failed sensors or low/high battery voltage.

An optional USB interface and Windows compatible software allow the use of a laptop PC to program a custom advance curve for precise dyno tuning and access additional features such as rear cylinder timing offset. The USB interface plugs into the existing H-D diagnostic connector on the motorcycle wiring harness. The USB interface is sold separately, but Windows compatible software is available for download. The software will operate in demo mode without an ignition attached. 

TC88T - Special Race Version with Stage RPM Limiter for Drag Racing

The TC88T is a special race version with a stage RPM limiter suitable for drag racing. The input at pin 10 of the black connector normally connected to the bank angle sensor or TSM/TSSM module is used instead to select between the stage and maximum RPM limit. The stage RPM limit is set by means of the two rotary switches on the module. The maximum RPM limit is programmed by means of the optional USB interface and PC Link software. When the input on pin 10 is grounded by means of a switch, the stage RPM limit is selected, otherwise the maximum RPM limit is selected. For more details please read the TC88 Stage Limit Tech Note.  



 TC88 Installation

Download TC88 Installation Instructions 


The TC88 is a race proven product. The success enjoyed by McCaa's RPM Racing of Anaheim, California is typical. During the 2006 season, Robbie McCaa (right) finished as the AHDRA Western USA champion in the SS124 Challenge class and teammate Liz Davis (left) finished as AHDRA Western USA champion in the Syn3 ET class. We wish them the same results in 2007!

PC Link Software for Programming Custom Advance Curves

PC Link software runs under Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8. We no longer support older Windows versions. PC Link allows the user to program Twin Tec TC88 ignitions with custom advance tables and other engine parameters. An optional USB Interface is required for on-bike programming. Bench top programming also requires a power adapter (P/N 18805). Advance table data can be edited by clicking on and dragging individual points on the 3D chart display or you can directly enter numeric data on the spreadsheet grid. The advance table consists of 16 columns for RPM and 8 rows for manifold pressure.

In addition to editing the advance table, you can also use PC Link to edit certain engine control parameters stored in the ignition module. You can set the number of cranking revolutions before the engine fires. An engine builder can program Twin Tec units with a custom advance curve and then add a fixed RPM limit and/or fixed initial timing. With race versions, you can offset the rear cylinder timing for maximum power during dyno tuning. 

Minimum PC requirement is a 300 MHz Pentium with super VGA display (SVGA with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution).  The PC must have a free USB port. For more details, please refer to our PC Link Tech FAQ.

PC Link software is free! You can always download the latest version of the software and instruction sheet from our website. The software will run in demo mode without an ignition attached. For your convenience, we include a copy on CDROM when you purchase the optional USB interface.

Download PC Link TC88 Software and Instructions 


Operating Statistics Software

The Twin Tec Operating Statistics program runs under Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8. We no longer support older Windows versions. This software allows engine manufacturers and tuners using Twin Tec motorcycle ignitions to download operating statistics from an ignition module and examine the data. The Operating Statistics program has the same PC requirements as described above for  the PC Link software.   

Downloaded operating statistics are displayed as shown below. Total hours represents the total time that the engine was running. ID represents the firmware identification. This field typically includes the manufacturer (Twin Tec), model number, program revision and author's initials, and date. Elapsed time is displayed for 13 RPM bands from idle to 6999 RPM. The utility also displays the maximum engine RPM, time at the RPM limit (in seconds for better resolution) and the number of engine starts. All this data can be printed to provide a permanent record.

Rev 7.1 units (manufactured after January, 2006) will also display elapsed time at wide open throttle (WOT) based on the MAP (manifold absolute pressure).

The data stored in the ignition module for maximum engine RPM and time at the RPM limit  can be cleared. All other elapsed time and engine starts data is permanent.  

The user data field allows entry of up to 32 alphanumeric characters. User data is stored in the module EEPROM and can be used to represent information such as a serial number. 

The elapsed time data in the various RPM bands can be displayed in the form of a histogram chart by clicking on the Histogram button. Clicking on this button causes the chart shown below  to appear. Color coding of the bars helps to interpret the data. The idle RPM band is blue, normal operating RPM bands are green and high RPM bands are yellow and red. The chart is automatically scaled for best display.  

Operating Statistics software is free! You can always download the latest version of the software and instruction sheet from our website. 

Download Operating Statistics Software and Instructions