Twin Tec PC Link Software

Will Twin Tec software run on Windows 8 or Windows 10?

Yes! Our tests have not revealed any issues with Windows 8/Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit versions) on PC type devices with Intel processors. However there is a version called Windows RT for small tablet devices with ARM processors. Windows RT cannot run traditional X86/64 software including any of our programs.

When you install our programs on a Windows 8/10 device, tiles will appear for the programs as shown below. When you click on one of these tiles, a Windows start screen with familiar icons will appear. For additional information, useful links, and tips, download our Window 8/10 Tech Note and check out the PC World Windows 8/10 Ultimate Starter Guide.  

During software installation, ignore any Windows warnings. Note that USB driver download may take several minutes during which Windows does not give any progress indication. Ignore any warnings about the USB driver software not installing properly.

Netbook and tablet devices require a minimum 1024 x 768 pixel display resolution to be used with our software. For proper display, you must select the default 100% text size in Control Panel, Appearance and Personalization, Adjust Screen Resolution, Make text and other items smaller or larger.   

Windows 8 Tiles

Windows 8 Start Screen


Want the regular Windows start menu back? Try the Start8 utility from Stardock

Windows 8 Start Menu Using Start8


Does Twin Tec software work on tablet devices?

If the tablet has an Intel type processor, yes. Tablets with ARM processors running Windows RT cannot run traditional X86/64 software including any of our programs.

Functions such as downloading and uploading files, viewing real time data, scrolling  through data logging charts, reading and clearing diagnostic codes, and running the ABS brake bleeding functions (Twin Scan units) are easier to do in tablet mode. This is certainly the case when working in proximity to a motorcycle, since a tablet is more compact and handy than a netbook or laptop. However, you really need to use a stylus on the touch screen as  finger tips will prove too big. A basic stylus costs about $15.00 and they are readily available at Best Buy and Office Depot. Any stylus that works with an iPad should work with a Windows 8 tablet.

For entering text or editing tables, you will still have to attach a keyboard and pointing device such as a mouse. Some of the newer tablets come with docking stations for this purpose. 

Help! I can't see your program's entire screen on my new tablet or netbook computer.

Our software requires a minimum display resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Some tablets and netbooks have inferior low resolution displays with only 600 pixels vertical resolution. These computers cannot be used with our software. Many netbooks have 1366 x 768 display resolution. Due to the small display size, some customers change the settings to display large fonts. This will cause the program screens to appear oversized and not fit into the available display area. For proper display, you must select normal 100% (96 DPI) font size in Control Panel, Display Settings.


Are there any special considerations for Windows Vista/7/8/10?

Check your CDROM. If it does not have the notation "Windows 8 Compatible," you have an old CDROM that is not compatible. You will have to download the latest software direct from our website. When installing our software on Windows Vista, you must disable the User Account Control (UAC) during installation as described in the Vista UAC Tech Note. For Windows 7, the CDROM will not load properly unless you change your User Account Control settings as shown below. To access the User Account Control settings, click on Control Panel, System and Security, and then Change User Account Control Settings under Action Center.

Windows 7 User Account Control Settings


Is there an easy way to install the USB driver? 

Yes, a new USB driver for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 is available. This installs as an executable file, similar to other Windows programs. The Windows Found New Hardware Wizard will then detect the USB device when it is first connected and automatically install the correct driver without the user having to browse out to the CDROM.

To install the USB driver for the USB interface, click on the link below. Before installing the USB driver, make sure that your USB interface is not connected to your PC. The USB driver is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. It will not install on older PCs running Windows 98/ME/2000. For Windows Vista, you must disable the User Account Control (UAC) during installation as described in the Vista UAC Tech Note. When the File Download dialog box appears, click on "Run this program from its current location." Ignore any security warnings and click on Yes to continue. After installation of the driver is complete, connect the USB interface. The Windows Found New Hardware Wizard will appear and complete installation of the USB interface. Then refer to the COM Port Configuration section in the USB interface instructions to properly configure the USB interface using Device Manager.

USB Driver


I'm having trouble completing the installation of the USB driver on my new laptop running Windows Vista. What can I do? 

A few customers have reported issues. Please read our Vista USB Tech Note for an easy solution. 


Help! My PC won't communicate with the Twin Tec system after installing the USB driver and software.  

Two situations can occur: 

1. Windows Device Manager has placed the Twin Tec system on a high COM port (COM10 or higher) during USB device driver installation. If this problem occurs, make sure that the system is attached to the PC (WEGO units must be powered up), go back into Device Manager, click on the USB Serial Port, click on the Port Settings tab, and then click on Advanced. The dialog box shown below will appear. Change the COM port number to a lower value such as COM4 or COM5. Then reboot the PC and double check the port assignment in Device Manager to make sure that it changed. Use the new COM port number in our software.   


USB Port Settings

2. Your PC already had an older incompatible USB driver installed and when the Found New Hardware Wizard appeared during the USB device driver installation process, the outdated driver was used. If this occurred, you will have to uninstall the USB driver. Please refer to FTDI Applications Note AN107 Advanced Driver Options page 28. For Windows XP, use the FTClean utility. A link to download the utility is provided in the applications note on page 28. For Windows Vista and 7, use the approach explained on page 28. If you are using FTClean for Windows XP, make sure any Daytona Twin Tec system is unplugged from the PC before proceeding. Run FTClean to remove all old drivers. Then start over with USB device driver installation.


Are there issues running Twin Tec software on PCs with international versions of Windows?

Our software does not provide multilingual support. Japanese and other international customers using far eastern languages will have to go to Control Panel and set Regional and Language Options to English language as shown below while installing and using our software. Failure to do so will result in various errors in numeric parameters, communications, and file operations. 

Regional and Language Options



How is fuel and ignition timing data stored in Twin Tec units?

Fuel (TCFI only) and ignition timing data is stored in the form of tables. You see both the tabular data and a graphical representation in the form of a chart when you run our PC link software.

TCFI and TC88 systems use 3D tables with values based on RPM and another parameter, such as manifold pressure or throttle position. 

Models 1005, 1006, and 1007 use advance tables with 2 rows  corresponding to manifold pressure at wide open throttle (WOT) and cruise/idle/decel with VOES input grounded. Each row is represented as a curve on the advance chart.


How are Twin Tec units programmed with custom data?

The computer industry uses the terminology "software" for programs that reside on disk drives and "firmware" for programs that are more or less permanently written onto a chip. In the past, firmware was truly permanent as memory chips such as an EPROM could only be "burned" once.  This involved actually burning out microscopic fuses that represented individual data bits.

Our products use a new RISC processor from Atmel. Firmware is stored on the chip in FLASH memory and normally remains unchanged for the life of the product. However, blocks of FLASH memory can be reprogrammed thousands of times. If a bug fix is required or a new feature must be added, the firmware in FLASH memory can be reprogrammed after the product is in the field. This can even be done while a unit is installed on a motorcycle. 

The Atmel RISC processor also has EEPROM memory. Individual data bytes of EEPROM memory can be reprogrammed over 100,000 times. Custom tables (and other engine parameters such as a fixed RPM limit) generated with our PC link software are stored in EEPROM memory. In the case of the TCFI unit, some of the tables are also stored in FLASH memory. The PC link software allows you to reprogram any of these tables.


What is your policy on software?

Real simple - software is free! You can always download the latest version from our web site, make as many copies as you want, and give them to all your friends. We make our money selling hardware. We view software as a sales tool. It doesn't cost us anything. Free software also solves a lot of problems with upgrades. Our competitors don't seem to be able to figure this out. What happens if you buy a product that has been sitting on a distributor's shelf for a year and the software is out of date? Do you have to call tech support and wait until a new CDROM arrives in the mail? Not with Twin Tec.