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1007 EX Internal to External Ignition Conversion

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Helps prevent heat related ignition failures by replacing heat sensitive internal nose-cone style ignitions

• Allows the use of an external ignition on all Carbureted 1970-1999 Evolution 1340cc Big Twin and 1971-2003 Sportsters
• Includes an “OE” style Cam Position Sensor with highly sensitive hall effect sensor and rotor cup
• Includes the 1007EX ignition module which is 50 states street legal (ARB E.O. No. D-641-1)
• Includes adapter harness, mounting stand offs with screws, and a parts bag with a 4 pin male/female connector/pins/sockets along with a Packard Weather Pack connectors for single fire coil and tachometer hookup
• Includes detailed easy to follow directions

Sportster® 1200S with Dual Plug Heads
The Sportster®1200S model with dual plug heads comes with a special ignition module, similar to that used on Twin-Cam 88® models. If you require a programmable aftermarket ignition for the 1200S, we have the solution. You can use this kit if you have no wiring or our External Ignition version 1007 (not the 1005S). The original equipment coil has low resistance primary windings that are not compatible with our Ignition. You must replace the original equipment coil with an aftermarket four tower coil, such as the Dyna DC6-4, that has 3 ohm primary resistance. Please refer to our Dual Spark Plug Tech Note for more details. You will have to remove the original equipment MAP sensor. You will also require our timing rotor (P/N 18004) and VOES switch (P/N 18010).

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