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Fuel Injected Applications

                                                                          TCFI/VRFI Instructions and tech notes

TCFI 4 Quick Start Guide

TCFI 4 Install Guide
TCFI 4 Manual

TCFI 5 Quick Start Guide

TCFI 5 Install Guide
TCFI 5 Manual

TCFI 6 Quick Start Guide

TCFI 6 Install Guide
TCFI 6 Manual

TCFI 7 Install Guide

TCFI 7 Manual

TCFI 100KPA Tech Note

TCFI 300KPA Tech Note
TCFI Idle Tech Note

VRFI 4 Install Guide

VRFI 4 Manual
VRFI 100KPA Tech Note
VRFI 300KPA Tech Note

                     Twin Tuner Instructions                                                 Twin Tuner 2 Instructions     

16100-Standard 2001-2011 Twin Cam Models

16101- 2003-2007 Buell Models
16100-2008-2010 Buell Models
16102-Can Bus Models
16103-Standard EX Version
16104- 2008-2013 Touring Models
16105-2007 & Up Sportster Models
16106- 2014 & Up Touring Models

16200-For 2001-2011 Twin Cam

16201- For 2012-2017 Dyna and Softail and M8 Sportster
16202- For 2008-2013 Touring
16203- For 2002-2015 V-Rod
16204 - For 2014 & up Touring and 2017 & up M8 with CAN Bus


Carbureted Applications

External 1006/1007 Ignitions              Internal Nose Cone Ignitions                         Twin Cam 88 Ignitons

Quick Start Guide
Full Instructions 

1005 Quick Start Guide
Full Instructions 
1005-Full Instructions
Two-Stage Tech Note
1005S-EX Quick Start Guide
1005S-EX Full Instructions 
1005-IH Instructions
Buell Blast Tech Note
Dual Plug Heads Tech Note

1008 Quick Start Guide

1008-EX Full Instructions 
1008 Full Instructions 
1009 Quick Start Guide
1009 Full Instructions 
1009-EX Full Instructions 
TC88A-IH Installation Instructions
TC88- Stage Limit Tech Note
TC88/TC88A PC Link Instructions

                       Diagnostics Equipment

Twin Scan II ABS Instructions

Twin Scan 4 Instructions

         USB interface